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Four-Bedroom Suite at CVK Park Prestige Suites in Istanbul
King Suite at CVK Park Prestige Suites in Istanbul
One-bedroom Suite at CVK Park Prestige Suites in Istanbul

The Suites

Behind this door, there is a whole new world of living…

In Park Prestige, peerless location, magnificent view, elegance and convenience meet with the world-class understanding of hospitality.

68 well-established suites of the Park Prestige, reviving a warm and cozy atmosphere with their elegant and modern décor, have the state-of-the-art home electronics, smart home system, fully-equipped kitchens and sumptuous bathrooms.

The suites between 45 m² with 950 m² offer a variety of studio, one, two, three or four bedroom alternatives. With the options of terraces with eyeful landscapes and spacious balconies, you will enjoy splendid views and serenity in the heart of Istanbul.

Room Type M2 Range Landscape
Studio 45-56 City / Garden, 15 m2 Terrace option
1+1 88-105 City / Garden, 15-20 m2 Terrace option
1+1 80-85 Bosphorus
2+1 98-150 City / Garden, 15-20 m2 Terrace option
2+1 95-120 Bosphorus
2+1 120-165 Bosphorus / 50 m2 Terrace area
3+1 137-159 City / Garden
3+1 137-230 Bosphorus
3+1 270 Bosphorus / 70 m2 Terrace area
4+1 King Suite 950 Bosphorus / 119-58-42 m2 Terraces and 61 m2 with Winter Garden

Studio with Garden/City View

Compact, convenient and modernly furnished, the fully-equipped studios varying between 45–56 m² ensure your comfort with their compact and practical design.

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One Bedroom Suite

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology appliances, your suite boasts roominess and convenience. Accompanied by the ultimate luxury service experience, the suites offer the alternatives of garden / city view and Bosphorus view.


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Two Bedroom ​Suite

Your exclusive suites, varying between 95–165 m², designed with well-equipped kitchens, top of the line living rooms and spacious bathrooms is overed with city/garden and mesmerizing Bosphorus view alternatives.

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Three Bedroom ​Suite

The suites spreading out between 137–270 m², with luminous living room, spacious bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms; are all designed to make you experience the homely warmth presented with exclusive 5-star understanding of service.

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Four Bedroom ​Suite

Your stylish and well-equipped suite is enviable and no doubt fancy. Spread out on 330 m², the four bedroom suite boast the breath-taking Bosphorus vista.

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The King ​Suite

The 950 m² magnificent King Suite, one of the largest and most prestigious suite among its peers, has 4 opulent bedrooms, bathrooms and 2 private elevator access, 2 terraces with Bosphorus view and 1 terrace with city view and winter garden a lavish saloon.

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