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CVK Hotels & Resorts in Istanbul

About Us

The CVK Group, comprised of nine companies, has become a large conglomerate that, in keeping with its vision, has been contributing to the national economy for the past quarter of a century. As the largest owner of chrome mines in Turkey, the CVK Group, demonstrating its pioneering spirit and innovative breakthroughs, has become one of the most powerful mining groups in Turkey.

Leveraging its knowledge and experience it has gained over the years, the group entered the tourism sector with the vision of being the first brand preferred, by establishing sustainable achievements, lasting virtues and ultimate guest satisfaction.

In 2010, the group made its debut in the sector with via CVK Taksim Hotel Istanbul, located right in Taksim Square, which was also the first hotel of CVK Hotels & Resorts. With the same commitment to growth as in the other industries, in 2013 the group opened CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul, by reviving the historic and legendary Park Hotel of Istanbul.
CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul, becoming one of the cornerstones of the city within a couple years, is also the most significant tourism investment of Istanbul in recent years. Rapidly gaining its local and international reputation, the hotel also comprises CVK Park Prestige Suites, the 68 well-equipped suites uniting luxury and comfort.
By adding authentic and distinguishing touches to international service standards, CVK Hotels & Resorts acts as an ambassador of world-famous Turkish Hospitality. Serving with the aim of providing the highest service quality at all different levels and categories, CVK Hotels & Resorts keep on growing with upcoming hotels and resorts.


Our hotels are designed and services are delivered to make our guests experience the genuine Turkish Hospitality. Welcome to CVK Hotels and Resorts.

Our Hotels

CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel Istanbul

Which formerly served as the Foreign Affairs Palace 120 years ago, now welcomes its guests with unrivaled hospitality in Taksim Gumussuyu district, deep in the heart of Istanbul.

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CVK Park Prestige Suites

​Do you miss home when you are away from home for extended trips abroad? CVK Park Prestige Suites offer you a variety of suites just around the corner from Taksim Square.​

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CVK Taksim Hotel Istanbul

With its location in the heart of Taksim, Istanbul's cultural, shopping and entertainment center, CVK Taksim Hotel Istanbul offers its guests a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

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