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Welcome to the unprecedented city of the world, Istanbul...

Galata Tower

Built in the 14th century by the Genoese who were involved in trade with the Byzantines, the tower was used for the surveillance of the Harbor in the Golden Horn. With its 63  meter height, it is one of the highest towers in the city and it is certainly one of the best spots to watch the impressive panorama of the city. With its sublime structure and visibility from several points of the city, Galata Tower is no doubt one the landmarks of Istanbul.

Topkapı Palace

Built upon a 700.000 m² area on an Eastern Roman Acropolis located at the Istanbul Peninsula between Sea of Marmara, Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, Topkapı Palace is a sumptuous landmark in the city.  After the conquest of Istanbul by Mehmed the Conqueror at 1453, construction of the Topkapı Palace was started at the year 1460 and completed in 18 years.
The palace was not only the residence of the sultans, their harem and children; but also had been the administrative, educational and art center of the Empire for nearly four hundred years. The harem, courtyards, passages, admirable jewels, unique works of arts and much more...Topkapı Palaces welcomes you to tell the history of the legendary empire that ruled three continents.

Blue Mosque

With its original name, Sultanahmet Camii, is known also as “the Blue Mosque” due to the adorable blue Iznik tiles in it. The mosque is worldwide celebrated for the ornamental interior and magnificent infrastructure. It is also unique with the 6 minarets it boasts.

Dolmabahçe Palace

This magnificent palace had started being used 1856, as it became the residence of Ottoman Sultans after Topkapı Palace. The palace, consisting of three sections had the The Selamlık; which had been used for state administration, the ceremony room; used for protocol meetings and harem; private residence of sultan and his family. Yet only with its elaborately ornamented main entrance, Dolmabahçe Palace is centre of interest for travellers from worldwide.

Hagiasophia Museum

The peerless Hagiasophia, which is also considered to be the 8th wonder of the world, is one the most remarkable architectural work of art. Due to its size, glory and functionality, the monument has a significant place in world’s art history.

Basilica Cistern

The largest surviving Byzantine cistern, The Basilica Cistern has 336 columns and it has an estimated water storage capacity of 100,000 tons.With the traces of ancient history, it is one of the most impressive cornerstones of Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar

Welcome to one of the most significant monuments  of the world’s cultural heritage. Hosting hundred thousands of guests every day, Grand Bazaar is an impeccable attraction and shopping area for locals as well as foreign visitors. From authentic souvenirs to priceless jewels and famous hand woven carpets, the bazaar traces back the centuries long history of shopping.

Spice Bazaar

A feast of flavors, odours and colours…The world famous Spice Market of Istanbul welcome you with its countless aromas. For its fruitfulness, liveliness and visual feast, this place reflects the perfectly blended and rich texture of Istanbul.

Maiden's Tower

The Maiden’s Tower is located 200 meters off the shore of the Üsküdar district on Anatolian side of the city. There are numerous legends on the history of this tower, it’s being a unique symbol of Istanbul is an undeniable fact.
The tower which had gone through numerous rebuildings and restorations, had been used for quite different purposes over time such as merchantmen’s tax collection area, defense tower, light house or quarantine hospital during the cholera epidemic in 1830. After final renovations, it presently functions as a restaurant open to the public owned by a private company.

Pera Museum

Located in the historic neighbourhood of Istanbul, Pera, the museum is another enriched art centre with its permenant and temporary exhibitions. From paintings to sculptures or antique objects a rich variety artworks eet with visitors in different exhibitions.

Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern is the prominent contemporary art museum in the city. Opened in 2004, this privately funded art gallery hosts exhibitions of countless local and international artists’ exhibitions.

Sabanci Museum

Located in the impressive Sabancı Mansion at the Bosphorus shore, this museum is another meeting point of art lovers. The permanant and temporary collections are highly appreciated, as well as the distinguished terrace restaurant towards mansion’s splendid garden and Bosphorus view.

Koç Museum

Located on the Northern shore of the famous Golden Horn, Rahmi M.Koç Museum is a private industrial museum, spanning an area of 28,000 square meters in total. Known for its beautiful location and rich collection, the museum is a must-see, especially for those interested in communication and transportation items, scientific instruments, and industrial archeology.

Salt Galata

Located in hip and bohemian Galata district, Salt Galata became one of the frequently visited spots of art lovers. The building that hosts the gallery, is one of the prominent structures in the area with its neoclassical and orientalist arhitectural details on its façade. Not only exhibitions, but also interviews, conferences, movie screenings and ateliers are held under the roof of Salt. It’s extended library makes it unique as well.

Nişantaşı District

The high-end shopping neighbourhood with luxury brands with trendy cafes and restaurants.
If strolling in sparkling streets and enjoying gourmet delicacies is your preference, Nişantaşı will be your favourite spot.

Galata and Karaköy District

Being a historical district, Galata has also become the hip district of the city. With famous designers’ ateliers and boutiques opening one after the other, Galata has become a prominent spot for the residents of Istanbul as well. No doubt, the cozy and trendy cafes and restaurants in the area is effective on channeling interest in this area.

Shopping Malls

You can explore the shopping centers, which attract attention with their stylish atmosphere and wide variety of stores, through the links below, and have a pleasant shopping experience.

Zorlu Center
Kanyon Shopping Mall
İstinye Park Shopping Mall
Cevahir Shopping Mall



Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation hosts the most popular art events of the city. Welcoming artists from all national and international branches and offering an unforgettable experience to its visitors, İKSV awaits you with its location close to CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel.


Contemporary, which is held in a different location in Istanbul every year, hosts the works of dozens of distinguished local and foreign artists. The event, where different works belonging to many art branches and movements are exhibited for a week every year, welcomes its guests as an indispensable part of art lovers.

Istiklal Street

The world famous street of Istanbul with the red nostalgic tramway, a culinary variety from local street food to fine dining restaurants, ancient passages, book stores and souvenir shops.
For witnessing a bit of all tastes and textures of Istanbul, İstiklal Street is surely the first place to start with.

Useful Information

Time Zone: GMT+2hours Eastern Europe Time
Language: Turkish
Currency: Turkish Lira

Plug Type: C type plug, local voltage is 220-240 
Weekly Holiday: Sundays (Please check for museums)