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Facilities & Membership

Membership Details

Safira Spa & Fitness is proud to offer a variety of vibrant fitness and wellness programs for all levels, abilities and ages. Our mission is to help the people we serve to adopt a lifelong commitment to health and wellness through exceptional programs, services and facilities.

Two different fitness centers, a spacious swimming pool with retractable rooftop, Pilates studio, spinning class, CrossFit box and group lessons...

Safira Spa & Fitness, located in the heart of the city and easily accessible, is the most convenient and comprehensive sports center in the area.

Safira Spa & Fitness, an immense 8.500 m² space where you can work out or relax whenever you are in and around Taksim. Please visit us to find out more about our facilities and Membership terms & conditions.


Membership Level:
Unlimited Membership 
Limited Family Membership 

Opening Hours:
07:00 AM – 10:00 PM Weekdays
08:00 AM – 10:00 PM Weekend

Areas open to our members
  • Pool (with retractable roof) 
  • Fitness (unisex) 
  • Fitness (ladies only) 
  • Group exercise studio 
  • Body analysis center 
  • Turkish hammam (unisex & ladies only) 
  • Turkish hammam (ladies only) 
  • Sauna (unisex & ladies only) 
  • Russian sauna (unisex) 
  • ​Steam bath (unisex) 
  • Steam bath (ladies only) 
  • Snow fountain 
  • Snow fountain (unisex) 
  • Snow fountain (ladies only) 
  • Rest areas 
  • Valet service (limited to 3 hours) 
  • Also, special offers on private lessons

Group training

Pilates matwork

You will feel that your muscle tissue is strengthened, and your body endurance, bone density and mobility of your joints increase with the series of movements performed while standing and on the floor, by working the muscles in region on the mat.


It is a training program consisting of a whole set of heart-raising movements, with certain directions or individually, accompanied by our trainers. It is preferred to accelerate the heartbeat and regulate breathing in case of high pulse.

Core training

In this group lesson, which activates the abdominal and waist muscles with an intense program, you will create a stronger abdomen with your body weight and a few auxiliary sports equipment with our expert trainer.


In this group lesson, which includes a series of strength and balance-based posture and breathing techniques, you will become aware of the balance and strength in your body.

Join our safari spa & wellness membership

Are you looking to get fit faster and more effectively?

Personal Training

You can lead a healthy life and improve your body in line with your wishes by doing one-to-one training with certified trainers who are experts in their field in the light of a personal programme they will design specifically for you.